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The Optimum Crypto Currency Consultants

We have all heard of the big winners in this arena, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Well some new, big and extremely well backed players have enterered the Crypto Game.

They are here to stay, and whats more, leave there mark.
Two of these are DASCoin and Karatcoin both of these offer a fantastic opportunity.

We are able to help in both of these currencies and take you through the steps to secure your future.

Blockchain Education

Block chain is a list of records, it expands its record of the data as each a transaction is added to the chain, these are known as blocks. The block is then allocated a cryptographic code of the previous block, it is also given time stamps and other transaction data.

Mining Solutions

With certain coins they have a mining or minting option, this gives you the option to hold in a secure vault containing precious metals, such as Gold.

We specialise in DASCoin and Karatcoin

Crypto INvesting

Crypto investing can be both exciting, and dangerous.

Why do I say dangerous?
It is a popular saying;

“Never invest more than you can afford to lose”.

The history behind Bitcoin

Bitcoin first came into being in 2009 priced at well under 1c. 2010 saw it rise to around 6c with early adopters starting to take note. $100 purchased then is valued currently at approximately $7,805,000 at its height $100 was worth $32,971,766 (yes you are seeing that right 32.9million)

So great gains but also great losses, cryptocurrency is extremely volatile, it is not a stable currency and should be approached with care. However, if you find an Initial Coin Offering which is when a new coin is launched you can get some great opportunities for just a few hundred dollars.

As an example, we own just over 400,000 Karatcoin and gold which when the value rises to just $1 we will have had a return of a few 1000%

Talk to us to find out more!

Mining solutions

With some of the coins (or tokens) in the marketplace, you can attach Gold to the investment. We all know that Gold has been one of the most stable banking methods for centuries, well now it is far more accessible to the wider public.

We are happy to speak with you and guide you through the process to secure your financial future.

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How Blockchain Works

A blockchain is an extremely secure digital recording device (in simple terms), it is a public record which is used to log digital transactions over many computers, this then does not allow any manipulation or retroactive tampering over all subsequent entries and consensus.

It is, without doubt, a brilliant innovation which will change the internet and transactions over the next ten years.

Why Invest in Crypto?

Well, the simple answer is why not?

Please remember here folks, investments can go up or down, but if due diligence is performed and you are a good learner, then the crypto game will bring its “up’s and downs” to the table, you have to then decide what is right for your budget, and which market you want to enter.

Fast and Global

Crypto currency has no worldly boundaries, you can trade from almost every country in the world, sat in your armchair at home, if you like.


Hey look, the word irreversable, this Crypto market is truely that.

Many coins (tokens) are in the market place, some winners and some lossers, but what is for sure, Crypto is here, it is growing expotentially, and is going to be in our lives for ever.

Crypto Wallet

A wallet or purse, most of us will own one, a cryptocurrency wallet differs in the fact it is a digital software programme that enables any private and public keys to be stored, this then joins various blockchain to allow transactions, see balances and buy and sell digital money.

Guaranteed Security

Lets be honest, in all investments or banking transactions you have to be extremely diligent, and careful with the information you hold.

The Blockchain has ways to help in this area, along with our excellent securtity training.

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Our experts are on hand to guide you, every step of the way.

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