Own a great website with premium service and support

How fast did this website load?

Is this important?

The speed with which a website loads is paramount to the visitor’s experience. Just having a website now is not good enough. It has to be fast, it has to be easy to use and it has to appeal to the client.

So if you are looking for the above then you have come to the right place, and guess what it does not cost the earth.


Fast & Secure
you’re in safe hands

From Google, only 2% of websites load in under 3 seconds.

13% between 3 – 5 seconds

After 3 seconds we lose on average 58% of our visitors

That is food for thought, isn’t it?

This is one of the reasons we talk so much about speed, if a website is losing clients before it has even loaded then you may have the best-looking website but without visitors, it is only you who will get to admire it.

What makes a website fast though?

There are many factors, but one of the most important is the place it is hosted. This is where so many companies let themselves down.

Servers and why!

There are many options available and a lot of other companies will put you onto a shared hosting system which is slow, or can become very slow. Why?

It is a cheap option for many companies and they say they do not charge you for hosting as they will earn revenue from you in other ways.

Much of the time they do not understand servers so have to have other people looking after them, but they do not control them or what goes on these sites.

We are different from many others!

We have a team of experts who look after our servers. These are all located in the UK.

We limit the amount of sites per server to help ensure the speed is as high as it can be.

This also provides us with many other benefits, security being one of them, but I’ll explain more on that in a bit.

Security, not an issue I’ll never get hacked

How we wish this was true!

It would certainly remove a headache, truth is that sites do get hacked, if only because people are just proving they can hack a site.

There are many terms used for different types of attacks, and no one can tell you that you are 100% safe, not even us.

What we can do is say, think about your home and what you can do to provide security. Why do you do this? Do you think it will stop the most persistent burglar? The answer no of course not!

What is does though is put a deterrent in the way, one which will make them move to an easier target.

We put in place firewalls, malware scanning and cleaning, protection against multiple types of attacks, oh, yes, and we back up the site daily so we always have a safe roll back point. 


Our Service

Everything we do is about support, we make sure you have the faster most secure site available. We make sure that a visitor will stay, as long as you have the right content and message (that is down to you, we will help but it is your business after all!)

So how do we operate?

When you take on our services we get to work straight away. We have a nice journey for you to follow.

  • We sign you up
  • We help you get your content together
  • We then build the site on a staging server for you to view
  • When happy we set it live on our servers
  • We then look after you.
    • Updates
    • Security
    • Backups
    • Content


    How does the money work?

    We want you to be happy, so we break payments down.

    • 50% upfront
    • 25% when the staging site is built and ready for content
    • 25% when the site goes live
    • then our monthly fee for hosting, security and updates.

    Support for your website is so important and making sure this is right costs money. We help with the burden by providing you with free updates of up to an hour within our normal monthly fee.

    This provides great value for money. Fast servers based in the UK, Malware scanning, Malware cleaning, Firewalls and other defences. Daily backups, rollbacks all for only £50 per month. Then we give you an hours worth of free updates worth £40 per month.