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About US

Dave Plummer & Co are synonymous with the internet, the way it works and adding new technologies to its portfolio.

Hence the wonderful World of CryptoCurrency.

We would like to bring to the marketplace a fully transparent playing field, giving you the facts, the ups and downs, but finally “The Truth”.

Crypto ConsultationExchange Services

Cryptocurrency Investment Experts

We all know in any type of investment it carries risk, at Dave Plummer & Co we like to be straight, showing you the facts, where we think the markets are heading, and how we can advise on strategies we feel will help you to make calculated decisions that will future proof you and your family for generations, but ultimately leaving the final decision down to you.

Block Chain Business & Merchant Solutions

Block Chain is now becoming one of the fastest growing platforms in the money markets today, totally secure and manageable from a computer throughout the World. Add to this payment solutions, money transfer, Gold and Gold purchase.


Mining Solutions

With certain coins you have the option of that coin to be backed by Gold, this is where every coin has a guarantee of a certain value, thereby knowing you have an absolutely solid investment.

Our Karat Bank Coin has this facility, just ask for further detail’s on how this can be utilized and how you can get your portfolio in Gold started Today!